Area 51 / “Dreamland”

Now that the Minnesota State Arts Board Grant has expired I’m hoping to do some “Legend-tripping” outside of Minnesota. My first trip found me landing in Las Vegas and immediately heading north to find the “Extra-Terrestrial Highway.” This famous stretch of road leads to Rachel, Nevada. The tiny, sleepy trailer-town is home to “The Little A’Le’Inn.” It is also where you find an unmarked dirt road that drops you right at the gate to the legendary Area 51. Sometimes referred to as “Dreamland,” because of the weird air-craft and lights that are supposedly tested at the top-secret site.┬áResidents and UFO-hunters alike have seen many unusual air craft and weird phenomenon in the area.

The high-desert gets very cool at night and as we waited no unusual lights were seen. However, this B2 Stealth Bomber was seen doing training exercises on the west side of the mountain range.