Banfill-Locke/Art of Darkness 2!

Met with jurors last night to start reviewing the 2nd Art of Darkness: Inspired by the Paranormal Art Show which will be up this August at the Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts in Fridley, MN. Juror Justin Raphael Roykovich ( flew in from Washington DC to judge as well! This was the original art show that inspired me to apply for my State Arts Board Grant so I’m so happy to be getting the chance to do this again. Special thanks to Banfill Director Bethany Whitehead because she has to do so much of the details and “heavy lifting” for this particular group show. We saw over 150 entries from 15 states and Canada!

Pictured: Photo reference for possible up coming artwork or painting. I took the photo based on a real report from Banfill staff about a full apparition sighting. Model: Rachel Brooker.