“Sasquatch” Sculpture

Created these 2 sculptures in an unnamed forrest lately…. I’ve read reports from several Big Foot researchers that these “tee pee” like structures have been built by Sasquatch. One group claimed several of them were built and positioned near a hunting stand so they saw it as a possible warning to other Sasquatch of the danger….

Artwork: “Warnings,” are 2 large wood sculptures approximately 5 ft. in diameter at the base and about 9 ft. tall. They were site specific sculptures created at an undisclosed location in Anoka County.



Apparently bent down saplings are also some kind of unknown signal or marker. I created these to demonstrate.

Abandoned Barrish Farmstead

The abandoned Barrish Family Farmstead stands abandoned, not far from I35 in the picturesque town of Barnum, MN. Included at the site in the middle of farm fields, are an abandoned house, car, and separate from the house a cellar. Locals have seen shadows move around in the house, although it could very well be kids or people exploring the beautiful old farmstead.

Artwork: In Progress.


IMG_5457 IMG_5462

Crop Circles in MN, Cottage Grove, 2004

It’s very interesting that Cottage Grove has come up for a few different things in my Paranormal Research…. Grey Cloud Island, The Dakota Sacred Stone, which is on my list to explore, and now this one… Photographed and documented by the Washington County Bulletin, these circles appeared overnight in a Farmer’s Field. Found this report on

Cottage Grove, MINNESOTA –  July 24, 2004 (oats)
Five slightly elliptical 27-30 ft. diam. circles swirled flat to the ground in dry, fully mature crop (”thought bubble” design). Farmer states flattened plants were “bent over” at the roots (not broken) & he saw no path into densely-planted & very dry field. Field harvested before field-team could get there, but marked increase in magnetic material found.


About the artwork: This is an original oil painting based on the newspaper photo. Oil on canvas 36 x 48 inches.

Ghost Ship, Lake Superior

Based on numerous reports from recorded history from tourists to Native Americans from lighthouse keepers to sailors and lumberjacks, people have seen phantom ships on Lake Superior. This is a work in progress showing one such tall-sailed ship from the 1800’s….

Artwork: Flying Dutchman is an oil on canvas original painting i60 inches wide by 48 inches tall. The term is widely used on the Oceans and on the Lakes as a term for a ghost ship.

Ghost Town: San Francisco, MN

Down Highway 169 south of the Twin Cities and a little north of Mankato is the Ghost Town of San Francisco, MN. San Francisco was first settled in 1854 and named by the founder, William Foster, after the city in California. It was reportedly the original county seat of Carver County, Minnesota, but lost that status to Chaska a year later. The town lasted about ten years from its founding and had a post office from 1856 until 1858 and again from 1861 until 1862.  It still existed as a town in 1870, as there is a U.S. federal census record for it. All that’s left of the original town is the Gehl-Mittlested Farm house and the foundations of the early barn. A gorgeous site that is now part of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge and is perched on a bluff above a wide expanse of the Minnesota River.

Artwork: In progress.

IMG_0211 IMG_8383

Haunted Train Trestles, Moose Lake, MN

This story was chronicled by Chad Lewis in his book, The Minnesota Road Guide to Haunted Locations.  In 1889 a Native American woman was murdered on this section of the train tracks and her body was later discovered by a train conductor. Her ghost is said to haunt this area which is now part of the Willard Munger state trail.

Finished Artwork: In Progress.



Iconic UFO Series #’s 5-8

1952 Lac Chauvet, France

1947 Passaic, New Jersey

1947, Salem Massachusetts

Iconic UFO Series #1-4 (Lubbock, TX)

See the blog post of 7/1/17 for full artist statement on the UFO series. This particular set is from Lubbock, Texas in 1951. These photos (upon which the paintings are based) appeared in LIFE magazine…

Iconic UFO Series: 11-14

Each of these four paintings are based on classic UFO photos that experts believe to be credible.

 “1947, Outer Hebrides, Scotland” 10 x 10 inches, oil on canvas


 “1965, Kecksburg, PA” 10 x 10 inches, oil on canvas.

This sighting is followed by an entire incident and craft retrieval from the small town of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.


“1927, Cave Junction, OR” 10 x 10 inches, oil on canvas.



“1954, Cumbria, UK” 10 x 10 inches, oil on canvas.

Iconic UFO Series: 9-10 (The Battle of Los Angeles)

These small oil paintings are made from the original negative and it’s print from “The Battle of Los Angeles” during WWII. The Battle of Los Angeles, also known as The Great Los Angeles Air Raid, is the name given by contemporary sources to the rumored enemy attack and subsequent anti-aircraft artillery barrage which took place from late 24 February to early 25 February 1942 over Los Angeles, California. The incident occurred less than three months after the United States entered World War II as a result of the Japanese Imperial Navy‘s attack on Pearl Harbor, and one day after the bombardment of Ellwood on 23 February. Initially, the target of the aerial barrage was thought to be an attacking force from Japan, but speaking at a press conference shortly afterward, Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox called the incident a “false alarm.” Newspapers of the time published a number of reports and speculations of a cover-up.



Lake Pepin

Sightings of Lake monsters were once very common across the Midwest and Lake City, MN is one of the last ones to host recent sightings of something in the waters…. Lake Pepin (a particularly wide area of the Mississippi) can be home to several species of fish including Sturgeon and Alligator Gar which can grow over 10 feet which may explain some of the sightings. Also, the Chamber of Commerce has offered a $50,000 reward for unequivocal proof of Pepie. Fun fact: Lake Pepin and Loch Ness in Scotland are approximately the same length and width….

Artwork: In Progress.



Old Town, Hibbing

Earlier this month I was lucky to guest lecture for Professor Margaret Holmes at Hibbing Community College. She was kind enough to take me up to the North part of Hibbing where at one point the mining company moved all of the homes and businesses because they found new deposits of iron ore. The original streets, street lamps and foundations for many homes are left as a weird empty park north of the new site of the town. The original cemetery and the Grey Hound Bus museum both report hauntings of figures moving down the street.

Artwork: In Progress.


IMG_8160 IMG_8203

Oneota Cemetery, Duluth

Oneota Cemetery is beautifully cut out of the steep hills near skyline parkway on the south side of Duluth. Featured in Chad Lewis’ “Minnesota Road Guide to Mysterious Creatures.” Spectral dogs have been reportedly seen running through the cemetery.

Artwork: In Progress.

Project Blue Book

Inspired by my first MUFON meeting last month, I was working into UFO’s a bit more for a possible Minnesota connection. This website:, recently uploaded every declassified Project Blue Book case file. If you’re not “in the know,” Project Blue Book was the U.S. Air Force’s serious study of the UFO phenomenon. It ran from the late 1940’s through the 1960’s. It has been declassified for a while but it was never available online all in one place. I downloaded and printed up over 150 files that were filed in Minnesota. The runaway city with the most UFO sightings in the state? Duluth.

Artwork: Project Bluebook is a mixed media installation that is approximately 10 ft. by 45 ft.

Requiem for the Edmund Fitzgerald

Requiem for the Edmund Fitzgerald is oil on canvas. 24″ x 24″

The legend of the Edmund Fitzgerald was so fascinating on so many levels. I did The Three Sisters in a response to the paranormal phenomenon of the large rogue waves that sailors on the Great Lakes have reported and may have led to the sudden sinking of the Fitzgerald. According to the Gordon Lightfoot song, “The Lake it is said, never gives up her dead….” and that’s eerily true. Lake Superior is fresh water, and very cold. In salt water, micro-organisms  would cause the bodies of victims to eventually decompose and float to the top. There are no such organisms in Superior and the cold fresh water preserves the bodies. The resting place of Fitzgerald is now considered a cemetary and there are stringent rules for divers that need to go through both the U.S. and Canada for permission to see the wreck. Frederick Shannon’s 1994 dive met with several paranormal encounters that ended the dive abruptly and frightened divers. Including this mysterious light which went in and out of the wreck. It was not a flare and there are no bioluminescent creatures in the Great Lakes…..



Sasquatch sighting, Northern Minnesota (undisclosed)

This is a new oil painting based on an existing photo of an undisclosed location in Northern Minnesota near Superior National Forrest. Sasquatch was sighted on this road in 2014. The witness did not want their info or the location released.

This is a common thread: not wanting your info released because other people might think you are crazy because you saw something. It’s another reason why the Photo is king in this supernatural realm. I tried to base my painting on the actual photo with lens flare included. In this way, Sasquatch moves into iconography and past blurry photo/possible evidence.

Spirit Island, St. Louis River

Here is a photo from the legend trip to the St. Louis River near Duluth, MN.  According to Ojibway legend the Fon du Lac Tribe of Northern Minnesota call this part of the St. Louis River “Spirit Lake.” In the middle of the lake is a small thrust of earth called “Spirit Island.” It is said that a pair of star-crossed lovers from warring tribes ran away together and settled on this island and that sometimes even today the spirits of this couple can still be seen. The island is private property so I stayed on the frozen river outside the island, but the frozen wind and blowing trees gave testimony to the solemnity of the place.  I might be back to see the island in different lighting, but a larger landscape painting is definitely appropriate for this one….

Artwork: Spirit Island is a finished oil painting 30 x 30 inches. Instagram has become a large part of my project. I wanted to reference the idea of photography as a type of “evidence,” in these cases, but also speak to the larger idea of us as viewers becoming more accustomed to the idea of seeing a photo than experiencing an actual piece of art or the real view.


The Palmer House, Sauk Center, MN

The beautiful and historic Palmer House, where Sinclair Lewis worked as a night clerk, has been on numerous TV shows, and the subject of many investigations. Largely considered one of the most haunted places in the state, I was fortunate enough to witness a series of extensive investigations with the crew of Darkness Radio this past summer. Lots of activity all around and several great speakers highlighted the weekend. Special thanks to ghost hunter Kevin Swanson for the great Knex ghost image and the FLIR photo.

Artwork: Ghost Hunt is a mixed media installation featuring several ghost hunting tools. Special thanks to Dave Schrader from Darkness Radio for loaning me equipment and helping me get this set up.




b_FLIR knex

The Spook Light of Brewery Hill, Le Sueur, MN

Another great lead from Paranormal Author Chad Lewis. The “Spook Light of Brewery Hill,” starts in the beautiful river town of Le Sueur, MN. South of town is a large hill where an old Hermit lived alone and brewed beer in a cave on the hill. His ghost is said to be a red light that moves over the train tracks on the west side of the hill and has been seen by numerous residents in the town.

Artwork: The Spook Light of Brewery Hill is an installation piece of rock, railroad ties, and small bones found at the actual site in Le Sueur. The Red light is part of the installation and gives the sculpture an unnatural glow in keeping with the legend and atmosphere of the location.




The Three Sisters

Legends from sailors on Lake Superior abound: from ghost ships to haunted wrecks and other phenomena. The case of the Edmund Fitzgerald covers all of these. The last “modern” wreck on the lake, the story is famous in song and legend for the amount of bad luck the ore ship had. The actual sinking is still a bit of a mystery. One theroy involves “The Three Sisters.” Reported by seasoned sailors, these three rogue waves can be of enormouse size and show up at unpredictable time. The Sisters are just one of the theroies as to why the Fitzgerald sank so quickly and unexpectedly. Currently, Split Rock Light House on Minnesota’s North Shore only lights up once a year, on November 10th, the day the Fitzgerald  sank, in a terrible storm near Whitefish Bay on Lake Superior. All hands were lost.

The Three Sisters, Mixed media on canvas with plexiglass. 10ft. x 15ft.

Ship detail made possible by Lake Superior Maritime Collection, University of Wisconsin-Superior Special Collections and Archive.

Trout Lake Cemetery, Coleraine, MN

Based on an investigation from Chad Lewis’ “Minnesota Road Guide to Mysterious Creatures,” this gravestone, of one Bertha Maynard, is the oldest (and furthest set apart) in Trout Lake Cemetery in Coleraine, MN. Supposedly her ghost haunts the cemetery….

Artwork: In Progress.

Wakinyan Tanka (Thunderbird)

One of the enduring traditions of Native American and later settlers (up until the present day) is the myth or Supernatural sightings of the Thunderbird. (Wakinyan Tanka in the Lakota tradition of Southern Minnesota and South Dakota.) In Native American stories and culture, this was seen as a Spiritual being with great powers and wrath. It was to be feared and respected. There is even a story from Devil’s Lake, WI near Baraboo of the Thunderbirds winning a battle for supremacy of that area over lake monsters!

Sightings in modern times often involve giant birds or Pterosaurs (flying dinosaurs) with 20 or 30 ft. wingspans. In the late 1960’s there was even a report of a Thunderbird trying to carry off a 5-year-old boy in Ohio.

These legends are also prevalent among the tribes of Minnesota. Sometime in the early 1980’s a friend and artist whom I was lucky enough to interview told me of a Thunderbird sighting she had as a girl at her parent’s cabin north of Hibbing.

Wakinyan Tanka is a quaddryptch (4-panels) 136 inches wide by 60 inches tall.

Wil-O-The-Wisp, near Centerville, MN

One of my photos from 1/18/2015 visit to Rice Creek Regional Park near Centerville, MN. Explored near some ancient burial mounds on Centerville Lake. Legends and sightings from the area include “ghost lights” which are sometimes referred to as Will-O-The-Wisp or even Puck Wudgies. Not sure what kind of art is going to come out of this trip. Stay tuned here for updates.

Artwork: In Progress.