Now what? (Fall of 2014/Winter of 2015)

Chad Lewis Paranormal Author

After the success of the Banfill-Locke “Art of Darkness” show I was excited to create my own paranormal artwork. Although, never having had a paranormal experience of my own, how would I go about this? I was very excited to hear noted paranormal author (and fellow Minnesotan) Chad Lewis on my favorite radio program: Darkness Radio. ( I devoured Chad’s book, “The Minnesota Road Guide to Mysterious Creatures,” and the plan started to form. Chad’s book is available at I wrote a grant proposal to the Minnesota State Arts Board in Fall of 2014, and in January of 2015 my proposal was accepted.

Chad was good enough to meet with me (at the haunted Billy’s Bar and Grill in the Halloween Capital of the world, Anoka) in early January and gave me his blessing to use his guide book for a bunch of my artworks and cases and offered to help out however he could! The wheels are definitely in motion!