Palmer House Hotel, Sauk Center MN


I forget just how lucky I am some times…. Friday night had me on the air with the crew from Darkness Radio (9-Midnight, KTLK in Minneapolis, MN), and Saturday morning had me driving up to the Historic and Haunted Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Center. ┬áDave Schrader puts on really great events with smart speakers like Roxy Orcutt, Annie Wilder, and Bill Chappell!

Side note about Sauk Center…. I didn’t read “Main Street” by Sinclair Lewis, the town’s most famous alumni, but didn’t he hate and criticize the town and it’s “Main Street” in the book? Why then does he get his own street named after him, history center, etc.? I don’t understand this at all…..

But the Palmer House sits at the aforementioned Sinclair Lewis Avenue and Main Street. The quaint pub and hotel were taken over by the Paranormal enthusiasts, writers, researchers and ghost hunters. Had a blast and special thanks to Kevin Swanson for showing me his great ghost-hunting equipment! Here’s a selfie as a ghost as the special camera which uses Kennex technology maps me as a potential “anomaly…”