Paranormal Pop-Up Show (Recap)

Thanks to all who came out and made my Pop-up show such a success. Had a lot of great feedback especially on a cold and almost snowy night! Got a good idea about what was working and what was not. (Most especially not working was the ghost-hunting laser pointer grids which use up their batteries in about 20 mins…). Extra special thanks to Artist Jeffrey Ebeling who came up from Mason City, Iowa. He was a genius with the curation and presentation and especially the lighting. Thanks to Matt Overstreet for the great on camera interview. And thanks a lot to Dan McLaughlin, Shawn Johnson, Steve Schmidt and Aeryle Kuehn for help with the take down!

Was able to set up my first indoor Sasquatch “tee pee” structure. I was also able to set up this installation for the first time. I’ll get this up in the gallery area of the website soon, but it’s the “Brewery Hill Spook Light,” based on a local legend from Le Sueur, MN, and researched and documented by Chad Lewis!