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Was lucky enough to catch a rain-soaked inaugural “Pepie-Fest” in Lake City, MN. Chad Lewis gave a great talk (pictured with me on toy Pepie). Sightings of Lake monsters were once very common across the Midwest. Also, Lake Pepin (a particularly wide area of the Mississippi) can be home to several species of fish including Sturgeon and Alligator Gar which can grow over 10 feet which may explain some of the sightings. Also, the Chamber of Commerce has offered a $50,000 reward for unequivocal proof of Pepie. Niece Aeryle and I were all ready for our trip aboard the “Pearl of the Lake,” Paddleboat, but we got called off due to inclement weather. Fun fact: Lake Pepin and Loch Ness in Scotland are approximately the same length and width….

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