Crop Circles in MN, Cottage Grove, 2004

It’s very interesting that Cottage Grove has come up for a few different things in my Paranormal Research…. Grey Cloud Island, The Dakota Sacred Stone, which is on my list to explore, and now this one… Photographed and documented by the Washington County Bulletin, these circles appeared overnight in a Farmer’s Field. Found this report on

Cottage Grove, MINNESOTA –  July 24, 2004 (oats)
Five slightly elliptical 27-30 ft. diam. circles swirled flat to the ground in dry, fully mature crop (”thought bubble” design). Farmer states flattened plants were “bent over” at the roots (not broken) & he saw no path into densely-planted & very dry field. Field harvested before field-team could get there, but marked increase in magnetic material found.


About the artwork: This is an original oil painting based on the newspaper photo. Oil on canvas 36 x 48 inches.