Requiem for the Edmund Fitzgerald

Requiem for the Edmund Fitzgerald is oil on canvas. 24″ x 24″

The legend of the Edmund Fitzgerald was so fascinating on so many levels. I did The Three Sisters in a response to the paranormal phenomenon of the large rogue waves that sailors on the Great Lakes have reported and may have led to the sudden sinking of the Fitzgerald. According to the Gordon Lightfoot song, “The Lake it is said, never gives up her dead….” and that’s eerily true. Lake Superior is fresh water, and very cold. In salt water, micro-organisms ¬†would cause the bodies of victims to eventually decompose and float to the top. There are no such organisms in Superior and the cold fresh water preserves the bodies. The resting place of Fitzgerald is now considered a cemetary and there are stringent rules for divers that need to go through both the U.S. and Canada for permission to see the wreck.¬†Frederick Shannon’s 1994 dive met with several paranormal encounters that ended the dive abruptly and frightened divers. Including this mysterious light which went in and out of the wreck. It was not a flare and there are no bioluminescent creatures in the Great Lakes…..