Requiem for the Edmund Fitzgerald

Requiem for the Edmund Fitzgerald is oil on canvas. 24″ x 24″

The legend of the Edmund Fitzgerald was so fascinating on so many levels. I did The Three Sisters in a response to the paranormal phenomenon of the large rogue waves that sailors on the Great Lakes have reported read more

The Three Sisters

Legends from sailors on Lake Superior abound: from ghost ships to haunted wrecks and other phenomena. The case of the Edmund Fitzgerald covers all of these. The last “modern” wreck on the lake, the story is famous in song and legend for the amount of bad luck the ore ship had. The actual sinking read more

Wakinyan Tanka (Thunderbird)

One of the enduring traditions of Native American and later settlers (up until the present day) is the myth or Supernatural sightings of the Thunderbird. (Wakinyan Tanka in the Lakota tradition of Southern Minnesota and South Dakota.) In Native American stories and culture, this was seen as a Spiritual read more