Abandoned Barrish Farmstead

The abandoned Barrish Family Farmstead stands abandoned, not far from I35 in the picturesque town of Barnum, MN. Included at the site in the middle of farm fields, are an abandoned house, car, and separate from the house a cellar. Locals have seen shadows move around in the house, although it could read more

Lake Pepin

Sightings of Lake monsters were once very common across the Midwest and Lake City, MN is one of the last ones to host recent sightings of something in the waters…. Lake Pepin (a particularly wide area of the Mississippi) can be home to several species of fish including Sturgeon and Alligator read more

Old Town, Hibbing

Earlier this month I was lucky to guest lecture for Professor Margaret Holmes at Hibbing Community College. She was kind enough to take me up to the North part of Hibbing where at one point the mining company moved all of the homes and businesses because they found new deposits of iron ore. The original read more

Ghost Ship, Lake Superior

Based on numerous reports from recorded history from tourists to Native Americans from lighthouse keepers to sailors and lumberjacks, people have seen phantom ships on Lake Superior. This is a work in progress showing one such tall-sailed ship from the 1800’s….

Artwork: Flying Dutchman read more

Trout Lake Cemetery, Coleraine, MN

Based on an investigation from Chad Lewis’ “Minnesota Road Guide to Mysterious Creatures,” this gravestone, of one Bertha Maynard, is the oldest (and furthest set apart) in Trout Lake Cemetery in Coleraine, MN. Supposedly her ghost haunts the cemetery….

Artwork: In Progress.

Project Blue Book

Inspired by my first MUFON meeting last month, I was working into UFO’s a bit more for a possible Minnesota connection. This website: theblackvault.com, recently uploaded every declassified Project Blue Book case file. If you’re not “in the know,” Project Blue Book was the U.S. Air Force’s read more