Windigo Lake, Star Island

The legend of the “Windigo” or (sometimes “Wendigo,”) starts with the Algonquin tribes of the great lakes. Minnesota’s Ojibwe tribe comes from this ancestry. If a person is reduced to cannibalism in the winter, they may turn into the demonic, and supernatural Windigo read more

Mental Asylum (Anoka State Hospital)

The Anoka State Hospital was the first mental asylum in Minnesota. Built at the end of the 1800’s, the campus featured 8 Victorian “Cottages” and an auditorium that were situated on the beautiful banks of the Rum River in Anoka, MN. (Interesting fact: Rum River is a mistranslation read more

“I Want to Believe” ends 8/4

The current exhibit of I Want to Believe is still on view at the Christensen Center Gallery at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN until 8/4. It features 50 iconic UFO photos re-created in painting form and on display. The entire series will be going up in the Gallery area of this website read more

Iconic UFO Series

A new gallery is up starting to chronicle all of the UFO paintings that are currently up at the I Want to Believe art show at Christensen Center Art Gallery at Augsburg College. I will be adding them to the Gallery page in smaller groups in case you are not close to the Minneapolis area. read more

I Want to Believe

Join us Friday, June 9th for the opening of I Want to Believe, an art show featuring 40 paintings of iconic images from the UFO Phenomenon. Opening Reception is at the Christensen Art Center at Augsburg College in Minneapolis from 6:00 to 8:00pm. The show is up now and runs through August 4th.

read more

Area 51 / “Dreamland”

Now that the Minnesota State Arts Board Grant has expired I’m hoping to do some “Legend-tripping” outside of Minnesota. My first trip found me landing in Las Vegas and immediately heading north to find the “Extra-Terrestrial Highway.” This famous stretch of road leads read more